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"It looks like someone accidentally got herself marked for shipment to Roman House! " Stark naked and gagged in a slave cage with my hands cuffed behind my back I could do nothing but look up at her with pleading eyes. Smiling her most devilish smile, Suzie reached through the bars of my cage and playfully wiggled my nose.I had been through so much that morning that at first it was difficult for me to focus on the task at hand.Fortunately for me Suzie was prepared to do the thinking for both of us as she implemented the plan we had hatched that morning.

" Suzie said, chuckling as she stepping off the elevator and kneeling down in front of my cage. Although I've never been into women, from the vantage point of my cage Suzie looked like an all-powerful Goddess to me.I was suddenly worried that Suzie, unaware of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the other psychological experiments I was schooled in, might not know when to stop.However all I could do was squirm helplessly as she toyed with me like a cat playing with a trapped mouse.Even as I squeezed my thighs together and imagined Suzie ordering me to pleasure her with my mouth I knew intellectually that this perverse lesbian fantasy was professional empathy, nothing more. I could burn a brand on that teasing ass of yours with a flick of my pen." Suzie's threat to have me branded excited, terrified, and yes, surprised me.At this point one of the oafs from the mailroom wheeled in an enormous crate of overnight envelopes, providing a needed delay as the gum popping delivery girl worked with him to get the envelopes scanned. I knew that the slave girls despised me for constantly showing them up, and the free women resented the extra attention I got from Master John and Master Mark.

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