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The kohl lines around her eyes made them super sexy. She had what he called a 'sluty smile' and 'fuck-me eyes'. After the kiss, she pulled him out from behind the door to hug him. So he closed his eyes, praying that she wouldn't notice. While hugging, the hard on got pressed against her body. " She pouted her lips and he imagined how it would feel, her lips around his cock. " Joginder frowned, in spite of his perverted imaginations. The secretary of the society, her father, was also the Principal of their school! " Joginder shook himself back to reality, only to realize that he was not hiding behind the door anymore. He went directly to his couch and sat down, trying to concentrate on the TV, unconsciously tracking the movements of Riya. The smile on her face, the fair colour of her body, the blue mini skirt, the white tank top, the matching sneakers, everything about her turned him on. "Hi, Uncle," she said in her sweet baby voice, rising up on her toes to kiss him on his cheek. As soon as she let him go, Joginder hid half of himself once again. " He mentally kicked himself, for behaving like an embarrassed teenager. She had a huge crush on him, his daughters had told that during one of their fuck sessions. He was standing in front of the girl, his tent in full view! She went to the fridge, bent down from her hips, her legs straight. Joginder forced himself to talk to her about her teasing. He didn't remove her skirt; well it wasn't much of a hindrance. He cleaned her face completely and then threw the panties away too. She was standing there, still dazed, in her blue mini skirt and sneakers. She was the older one too, full thirty-three minutes older. She got off his lap and sat on the ground, between his legs. She coughed and coughed, trying to wipe the tears away. He licked them with his tongue, inserting his tongue in her mouth. He started kissing her neck, her shoulders, back to her chin and lips. A burst of relief and air entered her mouth, almost choking her again.

Riya was standing there, in front of him, looking up into his eyes with her ultra gorgeous eyes. For a movie or something." "And the bitches didn't even tell me! Same circle of friends, same school, and now going to the same college!

She gagged once again and Joginder pulled his cock out. "I like choking a tease like you," Joginder answered now. It was amazing to see that though her mouth was stretched, she avoided scrapping his penis with her teeth.

Choking them over and over again." With that, he pushed his cock into her mouth once again.

Though tired, he loved the feel of their warm mouths, their teasing eyes, their sexy giggles. His train of thoughts was stopped by the door-bell.

He stirred out of his trance and moved to check who it was. So he stopped near the door, looking down at the tent of his boxers and mentally urging it to go down. He opened the door just a bit and peeped outside, hiding his lower body behind the door.

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