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I have two beautiful girls who I love to the moon and back. I love working in the community with both parents and teens. When I’m not at work, I like to spend time with my family on our farm in North Middlesex.We enjoy living in Middlesex County and it is a pleasure to also work in Middlesex County at 2 of the High Schools.If your question is urgent or is an emergency, please contact your healthcare provider.

My schools are: Wilfred Laurier, Regina Mundi, and Lord Dorchester High School Jennifer Limburg, RN519-663-5317 ext.

Our new and improved park will be fully open on 19th December, right in time for the Christmas holidays and New Year.

We’ll have fantastic new activities available and state-of-the-art facilities installed, so why not pop down to our park for some trampolining fun?

We monitor and respond to text messages and phone calls Monday to Friday between a.m. I work behind the scenes to make it easier for you to make healthy food choices!

When I’m not working, I love travelling and trying new foods. I love nursing, and working with youth in the community.

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