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In fact, I suspect you won’t be able to stop yourself.

Spiralling round, and round, until the idea of clicking on that link and listening to that file is so close you can’t see anything else around it, and once it’s the only thing you can think of, then you just have to listen, don’t you? I never thought just listening to someone’s voice would have that kind of effect on me! Because if it was, it was really pretty.) I have to say, I’m almost pinching myself, here.Came all over my hand, had to spend a good couple of minutes making sure I didn’t get the keyboard too sticky to use. I’m having a hard time stopping myself from listening to it again right now. :) I didn’t expect you to get that done before I went to my meeting. (OK, a lot fuzzy at times.) I was just wondering why it was that I did feel that pleasure all over again as I remembered going through the experience. You can imagine yourself in the room, and you get a call, and the next thing you know you’re sitting on the bed, listening intently to... and then you find yourself dressing, and walking out into the hall, not really caring where you’re going, just walking, and the elevator takes you down... I’ll definitely listen to the audio daily, and I’ll try to keep up with the journal as often as I can. You’ll do it, and it will feel so hot to write down everything you experience. Don’t send it here, please, because checking here is going to be spotty! My balls felt heavy and swollen all night, and it was a real challenge not to respond to every question with, “God, I’m horny! :) Hopefully, we can work something out before the con. :) i am sjylittlekitn and My Goddess commands me to tell uou we shoild meet at 1pm at magickbeans in cleveland next satuday. And I don’t want that to sound mean to You, because I’m sure that You’re a good person and that this is just part of Your play with her and it makes her happy to not remember, but... I think I’d be a really terrible person if I didn’t. i have started listening to the recording You sent me, and as You commanded, i paused it once the induction was complete to send you this message. And now you can hear My voice, whispering in your ears, sweet and soft, and it’s so easy to let it all just drift in, isn’t it? And you know that it’ll feel even better, even hotter and sexier and more wonderfully erotic, if you don’t let yourself remember. you’re too hard to remember, too hard to think, too hard to do anything but come for Me... Even if you don’t demo bottom for me, you can always join in the fun there! Also, watch the True Stories board over the next few weeks. Which is actually really fucking sexy, and I’m thinking of asking Lady Win-Now-Will to do something like that for me, too.It’s a really weird, intense sort of deja vu, and I wondered what had caused it. What’s the fun of going to a kink convention if you have to leave just when it gets interesting? You look forward to telling it all about how hard you get just thinking of listening to the file, and how glazed your eyes get thinking of my voice. Don’t worry, as someone who works nights, I know all about having a weird sleep schedule that gets disrupted by travel. Listening to the audio so much, it’s kind of crept into my head... One dream was so weird and recursive that it stuck into my head; I dreamed that I’d fallen asleep while listening to the audio, and so I was asleep while dreaming I was asleep... When you get done reading this message, at the first safe opportunity you will stroke yourself to orgasm while chanting your obedience as you learned in the mp3. ” :) And when I got home and was finally able to release, it felt...unbelievable. i am compelled by Her Words and i will be thre and you shld be too. So I’m asking, and I’m sorry in advance if You feel like I’m implying bad things about You. :) Seriously, just like you wouldn’t want to be with a Domme who didn’t care about the welfare of her pets, I wouldn’t want to have a sub who didn’t care about the ethics of his Domme. Memory play is part of our relationship, and this particular encounter fulfills some very specific fantasies of hers, so her deepest self has asked me to keep this a secret from her conscious mind until it’s all played out. Watching my words, hearing my voice...it’s so hard to concentrate on one or the other, and so both of them just sneak right down into the back of your mind and make it Mine... Now, keep watching My voice and listening to My words, feeling your mind grow so confused and hazy as you try to think..what happens when you try to think when you’re lost in My trance? you don’t even need to tell Me, I already know you’re so hard, so aroused... Every time you see My lights, you’ll remember that you’ve forgotten, but by the time you remember that you’ve forgotten you’ll sink so deep that you’ll forget that you remembered at all. Yes, you’ll forget until it’s time to remember, until it’s time to see My lights and sink deep again. But I digress...) Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be meeting Kitten in person a little later today, and I have it on good authority that she’ll be allowed to remember it once it happens.Is there anyone who can take pity on me and take me under their wing to show me the ropes (no pun intended)? Coffee’s over there, with attendant stuff to spike it if that’s your thing. I only really learned that I had a submissive streak about seven or eight months ago, and while my girlfriend and I played around with a few things, I didn’t get much of a chance to learn what I liked and didn’t like before the relationship ended.I’m 33, male, and submissive, but not very experienced in the kink scene. I’m sure you can find people around here willing to pop your cherry... We did some role-play, some spanking, but that’s as far as it went. OK, see, the thing is, you DO know what your interests are.

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) Cherries are little tiny doodads they hand out... You must have just registered, I didn’t see you on my search for friends this morning. And you’ll feel happy and dazed and dreamy while you write. :) I went ahead and shot you the URL of the journal, I hope you’ll be happy with it. Only I wasn’t quite asleep in the dream, I was half-asleep and half-hypnotized. Also, in two days you should check your email for a special surprise. I’m not, I just feel like there’s “I’m sure” and there’s “We’ve talked it over and I know,” and I’d rather have the latter than the former. But trust me, she likes you—I don’t want to betray any confidences, but let me just point out that she responded in public to your cherry question... The reason she told you not to respond is that it would confuse her, and she doesn’t consciously want any hint. If not, she’s going to have a hot cider and go home after an hour or so. My voice is stroking your cock, My voice is making you so hot and aroused that you don’t even notice that My words are programming you to be even more obedient. :) So anyone who wants to know if I’m like this in person, too, well, you’ll be able to ask Kitten. Sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Australia, but lookie what I caught. Please don’t tell him he’s already got a command to ignore posts, it’d spoil all his fun.

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