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Question: My 14-year-old son is getting into trouble around and about the place.One of my neighbours said he was with a group of lads that got stopped and searched by the Gardaí yesterday. I confronted him last night and he just refused to talk to me about it, telling me to back off and leave him alone.I grounded him from his Play Station and took his phone from him but that just made him angrier.

Your daughter's feelings about the other girl and what she is saying and doing are important, as you will definitely want to support your daughter.The bully even corralled a group of girls into chanting “you are mean, you are mean” to my daughter when the two were “friends” and my daughter tried to play with someone else.I know bullying isn’t about the victim, it’s about the bully.That mum is best placed to deal with her daughter's behaviour.Be very clear, having examples of comments and clarity about when and where the comments were made, about what this girl has said or done directly to your daughter, behind your daughter's back to the group, or to the group while your daughter was in earshot.

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