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Showing awareness of how your reactions can affect the behaviour of others is the key ; consider whether you can change how you respond to make your relationship experiences a little happier.Mercury and Neptune become intertwined in a challenging connection during the last fortnight of the month, which may create some problems in your domestic world.Lilith and Saturn will reconnect here after their recent liaison in your sign, and that strong drive for honesty in all your dealings could make you a little obsessed with overseeing what is coming in and going out of your account. Calls to 0906 numbers are charged at £1.50 per minute from a BT landline. Venus also sticks an oar in after the 26th, which will put you in the way of some rare and rather fabulous festive sales bargains! Flying through time and space, Sagittarius is the seeker, the journeyer, the teacher, the wisdom-carrier. Neptune works through images, dreams, and illusions. If the thought of them doesn’t, the reality of them won’t.The sun meets Mercury and Saturn while in Sagittarius. It reminds us of the incredible power of suggestion. Sometimes we need a little make-believe in order to get into the groove of manifesting something into being. With Neptune stationing direct, this aspect of our personal and collective world gets amplified. How does the thought of your future strategies strengthen you? Remember to keep orienting yourself towards all that wakes you up, and keep divesting from all that keeps you numb to your soul’s desires.The team was leaded by Elmer Luque from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and includes NOAO astronomers Kathy Vivas, Tim Abbott, David James, Chris Smith and Alistair Walker.

The discoveries were made by a team using data from the Dark Energy Survey, which is being carried out with DECam on the Blanco telescope at CTIO.Saturn, about to end its 2.5 year journey through Sagittarius, is tying up the lessons we have learned here. It’s a transit that helps us find new strategies to old problems and, as Mercury moves more slowly, this wisdom reminds us that it isn’t about how fast we move, but how thoughtfully we do. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you! Investigate what you are actually asking of others when you need their efforts and exchanges.Wednesday pulls focus, however, as Neptune stations direct at 11° of Pisces. This week’s astrology pulls focus on your long-term plans. Take some time this week to investigate what propelled you onto the path that you are currently on. Which of your intentions for doing so are still solid and sustaining? Make sure that every investment you make, or ask others to, is aligned with motivations you can write home about.On the same day as the Venus/Pluto sextile, the sun moves into Sagittarius.From the regenerative subterranean escapades of Scorpio season, the sun’s entrance into Sagittarius inspires us to make leaps and bounds above ground.

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Important plans may have to be made in secret for some reason at this time, or alternatively you might feel overlooked or underappreciated as your talents seem to go unnoticed.

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