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'Ihe nuuihers of raonka or eaioycra ia all the inlands Mid the adjnceut mountain nf Atlm-t Observations de R«lon, fol. This apostate, Justus was his name, again deceived and betrayed his unsuspecting brethren, and a new con* foncity to the acts of St Paul may be found in the conversion of Simeo K : like the apostle, he embraced the doctrine which he had been sent to persecute, renounced his honours and forhii H"? Htd acquired amnnfr thr Paulicians the fame of a miisionary and a martyr, The^ were not ambitious of martyrdom,'^ but in a calamitous period " Most probably founded by Pompef after the conquoet of Ponttu. Alexiu Sp apprehemive of a second attack, had assidttously laboured to restore the naval forces of the empire, aod obtained firom the r^blic of Venice an important succour of thirty-six tramports, ibnrteen galleys, and nine galeots or ships of extraordinary strength and magnitude. The duke of Lorraine was alike celebrated on either side of the Rhine : from his birth and education, he was equally conversant with the French and Teutonic languages: the barons of France, Germany, and Lorraine assembled their vaasals ; and the confederate force that marched under his banner was com- II. To improve the gtncral consternation, the cfnisin of Bohoraond a«Uwin ^'^■^d tlie brotiicr Godfrey were detached from the main array with their respective scjuadrons of five and of seven ^Eik Hi» hundred knights. iiiid sea-coast of Cilicia, from (^ogni to the Syrian ^ates ; the Norman standard was first planted ou the walls of Tarsus and Malmistra y but the proud injustice of Baldwin at length provoked the patient and generous Italian, and tliey turned Hieir oonsecrated swoids against each other in a private and profiuie qnarrel Honour ^ Tho curidiui reader m Ay compare tlio clas Kic Icamiug of Cellarius and the geogra- plucal icience of D'Auv Ule. Uaodonald Kin- Taaered, who had arrived first with liis Ittjir in Aula Minor throw The origin of the qttarrul wns, that threatu, p Mitly by pronuflea, to hmi X U Digitizec by v^oogle AJ). Ba Mwin accepted the character of his son and champion; hut no sooner was he introduced into the city than he inflamed the people to tlie massacre of his father, occupied the throne and treasure, extended his conquests over the hills of Annenia and the plain of Mesopotamia, and founded the first principality of the Franks oi Latins, which subsisted fifty-four years beyond the Eupliratea*"* iiefore the Franks could enter Syria, the su Tniner, and CTcn the autumn, were completely wasted; the siej^e of Aiitincli, or atftat the separation and re|K'M' -if the army during the winter a.o|*i557, seii».

Revival of Greek Ieaming ~ Decay of'raste and Genius T •Want of National Emulation 6 _23 M _24 25 20.

Such have been the Hussites of Bohemia and the Calvinists of France, and such, in the ninth century, were the Pau Udans of Armenia and the adjacent provinces.'^ They were first " The peraecution U tol.

47 Their nible 4S The Siiiu)licity of their Belief aii). ^1, Xm or A creed thus simple and spiritual was not adapted to the ^^^ij^^ genius of the times f and the rational Christian, who might ^^"^ ^ The six ca|iuu orrore of the Pauliciau B are defined by Peter Siculus (p. They turned aside from the impious office ; the stones dropped from their fili^ handa ; and of the whole number only one executioner could be found, a new Darid, as he is styled by the Catholics, who boldly overthrew the giant of heresy. Their numbers, in the language of llomer, are compared by Anna to a swarm of bees ; ' yet the utmost and modctate limit B of the powet* of Gubcard have been already defined s they were contained in this aeoond oocadon In one hundred and twenty vessels, and, as the season was far advanced, the harbour of Brundu Bium *^ was preferred to ihe open road of Otranto. Hia booe are the iutago of a di Korderlv i Tnwd; theil* discipliue sod public works seem to be the ideas of a later age (Virgil. Godirey of Bouillon was accom- panied by bis two brothers, by Eustace the elder, who bad succeeded to the county of Boulogne, and by the younger, Baldwin, a character of more ambiguous virtue. Ou Lis di jiarture Godfrey w AA or pawned Bouillon to the church for l;(i)0 marks." ^ See the family charaoter of Godirey iu William of Tyre, \. Yot, siooe ilie bero M knelt to salute tiio Muperor as he nt motionleie on his throne, it is clear that they must have Idssed eithw Us feet or knees. auiply supplied the gileuce or am Tiij^iity of the LAtins. In the evenin*^ swiftness yielded to strength ; on either side the ntnnlx'rs were equal, or at least as great as any ground could hold, or any f Untpjni, was unkuowu in the Kast (1. Two of their most respect- able chiefs, the duke of Lorraine and the count of Toulouse, were carried in litters; Raymond was raised, as it is said, by miracle, from an hopeless malady ; and Godfrey had been toni by a bear, as he pursued that rough aud perilous chase in the mountams of Pisidia. 215 was tlie molivet aad fame die roward, of Tancred, bot fortune ^tn'iled OD the more selfiih enterpriee of his riva L*" He was ealled to ih') assistance uf a Greek or Anne Dian tyrant/ who had been sufiered, under the Turkish yoke, to reign over the Christians of Edeas B.

We cannot be surprised that they should have fbtmd in the Gospel the orthodox mystery of the Trinity : but instead of cooles Biiig the hnman nature and substantial sufferings of Christ, they amused their luicy with a celestial body that passed through the villain like water through a pipe; with a fantastic cmd- Tbc Thou fix^, that eluded the vain and impotent malice of the Jews. By a refinement of cruelty, Shneon placed ^e unfortunate Sylvanns before a line of hb disciples, who were oommaaded, as the price of their pardon and the proof of their re j)entance, to massacre their spiritual father. Ilitlierto the ** Th« opiaiona tnd prooei Miiiigs of Uw r«f Sonn«» vo «390«ed in the aeoond : » curious and ori^jinal proepect of the wmh of Europe, and the were assembled in axms, flushed with succesa, and eager for action. " See Homer, Ili;ul b 1 1 hate thia pcilmtic mode of qnntntir.u by the letters of tho Greek alphabet), 87, &,c. His valour was matured by prudence and modmtion ; his piety, though blind, was sincere ; and, in the tumult of a camp^ he inractised the real and fictitious virtues of a convent Superior to the private factions of the chiefs, he reserved his enmi^ for the enemies of Christ; and though he gained a liingdom by the attempt, his pure and disinterested leal was acknowledged by hb rivals. ''^ The proud hittoiiaiia of the cni Kadcs slide and stambl A over this humiliating atep. Tbey were received with equal resolution, and, in their common disdain for the unwarlike people of Greece and Asia, it was confessed' on bolh sides that the Vknrks and the Franks were the only nations entitled to the appellation of soldiers.^ Their encounter was varied, and balanced by the contrast of aims and dis- cipline : of the direct charge and wheeling evolutions, of the couched lance and the brandished javelin, of a weighty broadsword and a crooked sabre, of cumbrous armour and tlun flowing robes, and of the long Tartar bow and the arbalist^ or crossbow, a deadly weapon, yet unknown to the Orientala^ As long as the horses were fresh, and the quivers full, Soliman maintained the advantage of the day, and four thousand Christians were pierced by the Turkish arrows. They climbed with toil and danger the steep and slippery sides of Mount Taurus ; many of ibe soidien cast away tlieir anns to secure their footsteps ; and had not ten*or preceded their van, the long and trembling file might have been driven down the pfeci- pice by an handful of resolute enemies. *aa v/m rc Udiuu by the Mahometans under Zenghi, son of Aktiaukar, tho I'atin T of Noureddin, at the end of 1144, or be- ginning of 1145.

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Her iruilt or merit has perha|eyond the measure of truth : but if the account be allowed, it mtist he presunn'd rhnt many si"inple Iconoclasts were punished under a more fxlious name ; and that bonie who were driven from the church, unwillingly took refuge in the bosom of lieresy.

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