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So, I circled back to Newegg for a resolution, explaining that Christmas was nigh and I wanted my product found and delivered.

I was originally given the suggestion to contact the seller directly - which means Newegg's responsibility is what exactly?

I have had this happen on 3 orders this month and I feel like I have to reimburse the buyer for these fairly expensive orders.

( range) Anyone know anything about this and how I should approach?

Finally, I relented and cancelled the order and placed another, already irritated at this brilliant process and huge waste of time.

I was told by the supervisor I was speaking with that the order would be cancelled, the package would be recalled, and I either wouldn’t be charged (the charge would fall of), or would be refunded my money. In fact, the package was sent all the way around my block until eventually (I assume) the driver didn’t the address and a “Delivery Exception” was triggered, resulting in the package being sent back to New Egg.

I've gone to my local PO several times over the years and they have given me additional delivery information from their system that was not shown on the public tracking. All usps services except parcel post now include tracking for free when you purchase online.

If you can not afford to lose a package the buyer claims they never received, you can spend the extra money and purchase Signature Confirmation.

If the customer says the item wasn't delivered, and the tracking also doesn't show as delivered, you've no choice but to issue full refund because it wasn't delivered. Amazon has long had issues with updating the tracking info. Are you going to the Post Office and waiting in a long line behind some people that have no idea how to ship packages and paying retail price at the counter?

Then you can pursue an insurance claim with USPS or your carrier. If you shipped the package with USPS, they have an internal tracking system that gives them much more details about the shipment than the tracking system system the public can access. Are you purchasing shipping at the Post Office that you can buy through Amazon at a discount (some services) and free tracking numbers?

This is a neat idea, approximately 4.1% of the orders have shipped.

I’ve been a customer of New Egg for years, and I always had a great experience, having built many gaming rigs and bought various computer parts and peripherals from them — all told I’ve easily spent over ,000.

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Even contacting their leadership directly via Linked In yielded no results and what I can only describe as apathy. I had made a typo in the address.“Not to worry,” I thought. I first tried the online “contact us” chat feature while I was working so I wouldn’t have to be on a phone.

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