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Sadly enough, natural disasters such as floods, tornados or hurricanes often result in scammers staging “charitable” organizations that prey on well-intentioned people.Your heart goes out to these people who have just lost everything.You won’t get your dream vehicle and you won’t get your money back.

Sadly it can happen to the most innocent of people. We’ve listed a few common fraud scenarios below so you can stay apprised of common industry scams. Lottery & Sweepstakes Scams You got amazing news in your e-mail today. The grand prize is enormous, and you have already begun dreaming of what you might do with that money.

Sure, you've never met her in person — but that doesn't matter. The Relative in Need Scam Your grandchild is traveling in Mexico and has suddenly run out of money.

You've been talking to her for months, exchanged pictures, maybe even spoken on the phone. She sends you an urgent e-mail or phone call saying she has an emergency and asks for money.

This can happen with any online purchases — a puppy, a vacation rental, a timeshare or a car. The Newspaper Ads Scam It’s Sunday morning, you’ve just poured yourself a fresh cup of coffee and are ready to sit down to breakfast, newspaper in hand.

Turning to the classifieds, you notice an ad for a new, stainless steel refrigerator for a price that seems too good to be true.

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