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So with that in mind, Stephanie I want to present to you the true profile of Andrew Hickson from someone who’s known him as long as I have.Andrew Hickson Age 27Interests include: Playing terrible 80’s music at full volume in the car Saying the phrase “Don’t go there girlfriend” like it’s still fashionable Musical theatre Yeah that last one, for those of you who don’t know, Andrew had a very illustrious career in musical theatre during his school days. Stephanie I don’t know if you remember when you and Andrew first moved in together and you asked Andrew to cook a pizza?If so, you’re probably frustrated most of the time.Obviously, most dates don’t end in having met the ‘one’.Andrew and Stephanie you’re a match made in Heaven…

I mean Daniel Day-Lewis had Lincoln, Tom Hanks had Forest Gump, and Andrew… Just before he’s about to put the pizza into the oven he says to himself “Wait, wait, wait!

About fifteen minutes later, I entered the restaurant. I wasn’t sure if I should appreciate the fact that he ordered me a drink as a romantic gesture, or be angry that he made an assumption about my drink of choice. As soon as I walked in, he was all up in my face, ‘Why are you so late? ‘I have to go to the bathroom’, I blurted out, using any excuse to take a break.‘I do, too! I couldn’t believe how small the bathroom was; a tiny one-stall room with a small sink and barely any room to move.

I finished my business and came out to wash my hands, and there was Bob!

You might be meeting men who are fun, interesting, smart, successful, nice looking, but some key things are missing.

Those dates are pleasant, maybe even good, but not great.

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No crazy escapades in Vegas, no comical hijinks in Magaluf, not even a cheeky drunken night in Bangkok to speak of; I mean come on, who hasn’t had a cheeky drunken night in Bangkok? Yeah it’s a shame because everybody knows all the best stories begin with the phrase “So we’re in Bangkok right…” Would’ve made one hell of a best man speech!

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