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This mill was in operation during the decade preceding World War I.The passenger trains from Baker stopped at the Austin House (Austin Station) for lunch which Ma Austin served at her board house.

Minot ran a stage line between Sumpter and Canyon City.COSS is always happy to welcome new members to our senior Meetup group.Workshops included study in Cyber Security, Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Geology, Plant Propagation, Building a Solar Oven, Mathematics of Photo Lighting, Physics of Fiber Arts, Making a Zoatrope, Personal Finance, Writing Thank-yous, and Personal Growth.The buildings had false fronts (there was still one these false fronted buildings standing as late as 1997). The railroad facilities included a four-stall engine house, yard trackage and a water tank.There was a mill called the Eccles Mill near Austin.

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The Children's Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11-2.

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