Who is nicole murphy dating

During an interview, Murphy said that she and her former fiancee are still very good friends.This duo broke their engagement because Murphy caught Strahan cheating on her red-handed.

Neither of them revealed the exact reason behind their divorce.

Despite the past, Nicole said: ' We will always be friends.' Murphy is not an unmarried woman.

She was married to actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy, in the past. After dating for many years, this duo tied the knot in 1993. It was not easy for either one of them to end their 12-year long marriage but the circumstances made them do so.

They not only make a perfect pair but they also actually seem like they are made for each other.

Moreover, Murphy’s boyfriend Ward seems to be an understanding man.

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However, getting married did not appear to be one of the best decisions in their life. The reason behind this couple’s divorce is quite unclear.

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