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If that guy does stick around, it’s because he’s hoping you’ll change your mind about him.Then he’ll be that frustrated guy in the “friend zone” who has a crush on you but doesn’t let on until it’s entirely inappropriate (see: any 80’s teen movie).Exes who valued their relationship partner as a platonic companion didn't want to lose that friendship connection just because the romantic connection was over.

Or you could actually become friends, turning all of those sour feelings into positive learning experiences and then into an actual, real, true friendship.Luckily, I’ve found a number of women who agreed with me – although we both taper off our friendship when we’re in relationships.Again, I don’t think that’s about sex, but about need.But how possible is it to genuinely befriend someone with whom you once shared a great romance? Too much baggage, too many hurt feelings, and the far too many times that person saw you naked often cloud the path to friendship.Despite this, curious scientists have attempted to uncover the relationship qualities that indicate the highest likelihood of remaining friends with an ex after a breakup.

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