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Join us for a rare opportunity to go behind-the-scenes to see engineers and technicians as they work on this project which is scheduled to launch in 2011. David Gruel, manager of assembly, test and launch operations for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory, will be answering your questions from 11 a.m. Ashwin Vasavada, deputy project scientist for the mission, will answer questions between a.m. The Mars Science Laboratory rover is some five times heavier and more capable than any of its predecessors.The live clean room video will be available on Ustream TV on Feb. The roaming laboratory will carry a Swiss army-like toolkit to explore sites on Mars that may be favorable for supporting microbial life. After the event, video of the chat will be archived for later viewing on the same site in the "video clips" box. id=786 › An archived Webcast lecture on the mission is at: • The procrastinator's guide to viewing the solar eclipse• Don't blind yourself!Why you need glasses to view the eclipse• Eclipse could seriously impact Donald Trump, the nation• Don't have glasses?To see how we balance the coverage of learning objectives across the courses, see Learning Objectives of the BBST Courses and then see Emphasis & Objectives of the Test Design Course.), which is believed to be the most popular test technique in the known universe.Here's how you can still watch the eclipse• Want to celebrate the solar eclipse?

It’s a long list.) For more on the history, including parts of the key NSF grant proposal and many other links, please see We teach skills along with content.

What goes into building a mission destined for Mars?

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory is being assembled and tested right now in the clean room at JPL.

We want to make it easier for students to succeed by improving how we teach the course, but our underlying criteria for success aren’t going to change.

In contrast, we are is more about what you will do.

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Most of the course time is spent on the activities: supporting objectives, such as persuasive technical communication, time management and prioritization, and organization of complex, multidimensional datasets with simplifying themes.

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