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The Wraiths were designed to fulfill the mission responsibilities of both a traditional starfighter squadron and a commando unit—a revolutionary concept in tactics for the New Republic, and one that its founder felt was an essential development for the New Republic.

The Wraiths first saw action against Admiral Apwar Trigit, which resulted in the destruction of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Implacable and the death of Trigit following a prolonged campaign that started with the Wraiths' seizure of the modified Corellian corvette Night Caller.

However, Antilles's experiences in both the liberation of Coruscant and the Battle of Thyferra had impressed upon him the need of a new starfighter unit with different tactics.Antilles was willing to face that risk, though, stating that Rogue Squadron's executive officer, Captain Tycho Celchu was qualified to lead the Rogues in his absence.Unable to find another way to derail the persistent X-wing pilot, Ackbar granted Antilles's request on the condition that if—in Ackbar's sole evaluation—the unit had not proved its worth, Antilles would accept a promotion to general and join Ackbar's staff.Crespin eventually acknowledged that Antilles had permission to carry on with his experiment, though it was expected to fail miserably.The general also reminded Antilles of the need for increased security, as Folor Base was near the border of Warlord Zsinj's territory and therefore a possible target for a raid by the warlord's forces.

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