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Her published works include historical articles in museums, magazines, newspaper articles, columns, content marketing, advertising copy, blogging, and academic papers.

Kendall also makes her way in the literary world as a copyeditor. If you have editing or content needs on your website or for your books, articles, blogs, or columns, please visit her website to see details and more examples of her work, the services she offers, and contact information. That when Oklahoma Territory opened up her vast prairie lands to homesteading, many of her archaeological sites were neglected until legislation was drafted and made into fedral law concerning the preservation of cultural resources in the 1970s?

It is thought that the people made pilgrimages to the mound center nearest them.

21) -- with much excitement."YEEEHAWW who's ready for some more new music??!!

Paleo-Indian: 12,000 to 8,000 years ago Archaic: 8,000 to 2,000 years ago Villager/Farming: 12,000 to 500 years ago Woodland: 2000 to 1200 years ago That of the 19,000 prehistoric and historic archaeological sites documented for Oklahoma, approximately 68% are strictly prehistoric sites, 24% represent exclusively historic sites, and 8% contain both prehistoric and historic components?

(5) That nearly 10,000 prehistoric sites are known in Oklahoma, but that probably represents only 10% of the actual sites that exist? 41 are called Paleo-Indian/Archaic Farming and Historic and are described as a series of neighboring camps that may still have preserved activity areas and deposits? #12 is called Willis Point Archaic and is a potentially preserved camp of some 7,000 years of age and may have features and deposits that could yield data on activities and resources use? #28 is called Archaic and/or Woodland which was an open camp or village that may have preserved habitation features useful for studying settlement and resource uses? 4 is called an Archaic open camp that may have stratified habitation dating back to 8,000 years ago?

The big reveal follows a string of cryptic tweets the singer and coach posted this week, seeming to offer directions to a "Red River." Spoiler alert: those geographical coordinates in Shelton's final Twitter hint lead directly to Lake Texoma, a reservoir on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, where Shelton was born.

Notably, Shelton's album announcement coincides with one from Gwen Stefani -- who Shelton has been dating for nearly two years.

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