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In February 2015, the accused Israel of intentionally opening dams in southern Israel in order to flood the Gaza Strip.This was based on a piece in Al Jazeera, which quoted the Palestinian authorities and was also picked up by .Then, on New Year’s Day, they published another article, saying Romania was handing out passports to Moldovans, Bulgaria was giving them to Macedonians, and, for whatever reason, Hungary was giving passports to ethnic Hungarians living in other countries (despite the fact that most Hungarian migrant workers go to Germany rather than the UK).Neither of these stories were true, and the immigration fears hardly panned out.is one of the UK’s most notorious and successful tabloids, enjoying widespread popularity despite an extremely poor sense of journalistic integrity.In recent years, it has fooled many media outlets in other countries into republishing its fabrications, thanks to a slick website resembling a reputable news source.

posted an article entitled “Oral sex is good for women’s health and helps fight depression.” This was an example of wishful thinking based on a controversial study from 10 years earlier.Shaw was somewhat disturbed by the line of questioning, which seemed to focus largely on how many men she had dated following her move, and was pressured into attending a photo shoot in London.When the article finally came out, Shaw was not prepared to discover that her story had been entirely twisted into a narrative about city women moving to the country for some rural loving: “Sex & the Country; What happened when four singletons, fed up with shallow urban lives, upped sticks in a quest for rural romance?” The attributed to Shaw salacious and fraudulent quotes: “I’ve been asked out on more dates in the past three years than in the 20 years I spent in Manchester,” “eligible country bachelors have asked for my number in village pubs, on the high street, on the beach and at the local fete,” and “It was so refreshing talking about nature and the countryside while sitting and cuddling on hay bales, rather than discussing something vacuous about work in a noisy city bar or club.” Not only did the article completely misrepresent Shaw (who wasn’t even dating), it made her the laughingstock of her hometown. She was making progress, when she received a threatening phone call saying how high court costs are and that it would be horrid if they had to take her house and business.Shaw responded by saying her house was rented and she was a freelancer, so she didn’t see a problem.

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You won’t see many misrepresented her case in an article entitled “How J. Rowling’s sob story about her single mother past surprised and confused the church members who cared for her,” alleging Rowling had falsely accused her former church of bigotry. In her article, written for single parents’ charity Gingerbread, she spoke of the social stigma she felt as a working mother on benefits and made reference to a single woman visiting her church who referred to her as “The Unmarried Mother.” Taking passages of her article wildly out of context, the played it up as “hard-up single mother finds low-paid, menial work in an inner city church but bigoted, unchristian people make clear their disapproval of her unmarried status, and cruelly taunt her.” They interviewed members of the church, who understandably expressed confusion over the incident, most likely because they hadn’t read the article in question and were just hearing a twisted version of it from the lips of the claimed the mother of George Clooney’s fiance, Amal Alamuddin, opposed their match because her Druze faith forbade marriage with outsiders, and she had “half of Beirut” hoping the match fell apart. Amal’s mother, Baria, was not even Druze, hadn’t been to Beirut since the engagement was announced, and—most importantly—wasn’t against the marriage.

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