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Durante il nostro grande viaggio in giro per il mondo durato due anni, Minube è stato uno strumento molto interessante per scoprire gli angoli più esotici grazie alle sue immagini e ai commenti personali, e allo stesso tempo per avere una guida dei posti incredibili che volevamo conoscere.

Il poter salvare le recensioni dei luoghi e poterle vedere su una mappa facilita molto le ricerche e la possibilità di scaricare le guide di viaggio sul cellulare è utilissima, una differenza fondamentale rispetto ad altri siti web di viaggi.

In poche parole, come dicevo all'inizio, il grande fascino di Minube è la sua comunità.

Grazie a lei capisci che non è una web che vuole venderti qualcosa e basta; al contrario, ti può aiutare in ogni momento del tuo viaggio (gastronomía, ristoranti, luoghi di interesse, luoghi più appartati, trasporti, dove dormire...), non importa che tipo di viaggiatore tu sia.

THANK YOUI brought my camera from Hongkong, the same problem happened to me. I tapped the base several times on a carpeted floor with no joy but then turned it upside down and tapped it once and HEY PRESTO, all works just fine !!!! btw tapping didnt work smashing it did :)lumix dmc fx8 lives another day ben suess Sun, 0000 As ben suess explains: if it does not work with a few gentle taps, just increase the "tapping" force, up to "smashing" force if needed! ", and then I REALLY smashed it on every possible side and angle ON THE FLOOR (and I mean SMASHED IT! Somewhere between the 2nd or 3rd cycle I saw the image on the screen and I immediately stopped. SSibu VSat, 0000 actually, the tapping turns the lens. Anita Sat, 0400 I can't believe the tapping on the table works! Thought I had dried it out but then when I got the "turn the power off and on again" message thought something inside had fried.

I had all but given up but gave a last ditch effort with DOGPILE and this site popped up. It took more like 6 taps, I started out very easy with the first 2, then just a little harder, then just a little harder and it worked. Chels dad Mon, 0000 YES, THIS WORKS, IT'S AMAZING. Thu, 0000 You should somehow make yourselves easier to find on the web as I searched for hours looking for a cure with no luck. banging it on the kitchen floor while the lens was opening worked thank you ..... I did it while the camera was ON, going through the 3 extend/retract cycles and the "Access" message was on the LCD screen. Spencer Sat, 0400 I was having this problem and I found this link and I smacked it and it's working fine again! At some point, I'm going to have to make it to the coast for more variety.dunniteowl Sun, 0400 Wow. Had my Sony camera in a beach bag and it got a little wet about a week ago.

È qualcosa di romantico, che ha a che vedere con il design e la funzionalità; è pensata per condividere e creare una comunità.

Minube è una rete sociale dove si incontrano persone che hanno in comune due passatempi: viaggiare e condividere.Minube è la compagna di viaggio che è sempre con me, in tasca o nello zaino, o dovunque tenga il mio cellulare.È con lei che parlo di quello che vedo o a cui chiedo cosa vedere e in che ristoranti o hotel andare e quali voli, se ne ho bisogno.In poche parole, che Minube diventi una parte indispensabile delle nostre vacanze e dei nostri viaggi, sia dalla web che dalla app per i OS o Android.i have a p41 and on the screen appear "turn the power off and on again" so i turn it off and back on again but the sign is still there. please help Bonita Thu, -0700 Your lens is jammed up or needs to be adjusted. (Fortunately I bought a analog one)When I was seaching the web about the problem, I was already hopeless, because the waranty was over , and I would probably pay a lot of money to fix it. i still wont work when i push the lens inward it had a click sound and it fixed! The horrible noise no longer happens when I power on/off the camera. However, the zoom-out function is still a bit jerky and makes a dodgy noise. you have no idea the amount of frustration this was causing me! right away when i turn my camera on it says " turn the power off and on again " . i now have a great little camera and a very big thankyou to MAITHA, if you've got this problem persevere it's only fit for the bin anyway as it'll cost more than it's worth if you send it for repair.steve powell Thu, 0000 maitha ur great, it work for my dsc - w290. Tapped a few times in my hand and Presto is working again. HA HAsusan Thu, 0000 Whoever Maitha is you are awesome! We was about to go get it repaired but when I found this page I was like what the heck, I can try this if it worked and it did ;) Thanks this really help, THANK YOU!!!!! tap the camera on theh table a few times or on your hand when its off2. if it don't work repeat step one Jackie Wed, 0000 So So cool!!! I was so disappointed when my camera stopped working with this issue. Other variations include blowing with a hair dryer in °no heat± setting". My opinion, it must have been the combination of the two. So that must have done it, a misalignment or something. My camera is a nearly new WX1 Sony so the problem still exists for newer Sonys. on vacation in Maui and it did this during an awsome. and thanks for everyone else for sharing the success of the remedy! Meanwhile, I'll keep banging it hoping for a miracle. Had to whack it hard on the palm of my hand a few times before it worked though. Mic Fri, 0400 I too thought this whaking thing as a joke but it worked.. Stef Mon, 0400 I did all the banging in the world! No matter how many times or hard I slam this thing on my floor, it still wont zoom past x3.3. Just before visiting service center came across this page, initially thought might be some kind of joke but this worked!! I've been having issues all day with the power on/off thing and the lens having issues. DDan Drifter Dan Tue, 0300 I dropped my Sony Cybershot WX5 on my stone kitchen floor into a puddle of water. i am in chile and have 3 weeks left of back packing. hit it.princess steely Wed, 0300 HIT YOUR CAMERA ON YOUR KNEE HARD AND IT WILL WORK U WILL BE SUPRISED!!! The only difference is that I tabbed 6 times, 2 times with my hands and 4 times on a table. Leo Mon, 0400 I took off the elastic lens cap leash which was preventing the lens from retracting fully. I took the lens cover off and the camera worked fine again! Lets see how long this fix lasts :-)Rick Wed, 0300 All you have to do is make sure the lens cap is off. When he returned my Panasonic HDC-SDT750 it kept giving the dreaded 'turn off and on gain message.' I was thinking was it was most likely due to misuse and had devised a line to .

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Did a light whack on the camera a few times with the palm of my hand and it worked. They can take a lot, but they will break at a certain point, so don't over do it. GOD it worked for mee too...friends....i just dont know how to thank you....thanx maitha and thanx to all the other fellows who psted their comment.....i jus dont know hw it worked .....thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx Rahul Dasgupta Sat, 0000 I GOT TIRED OF HITTING IT SOFTLY ON THE SIDE ON THE BACK WHILE IT WAS ON AND OFF , ON THE TABLE, ON THE COUNTER TOP WITH A DISH TOWEL UNDER IT TO MINIMISE ANY DAMAGE , THAT DID NOT WORK . When all else fails a good neanderthal wacking is all any problem really needs:)RENEEWed, 0000 My camera had the same problem! DO NOT GIVE YOUR CAMREA MORTAL COMBAT MOVES WITH A SPADE! Wish sony would of told me to do this.karen Sun, 0000 Hey! Ric Wed, 0400 From Denmark - my sons W210 gave the same error msg - we thought he didn't handle it with care!!

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